Thursday, September 3, 2015

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

This is just my version of a cleaning schedule and you can adjust it. If you prefer to switch days then go ahead and fix the schedule to whatever works for you. We all have specific ways we like to clean so I left it basic. I hope this will help ya'll because it sure helps me. 

Daily List

  • 1 load of laundry ( wash/fold/hang-up )
  •  Dishes ( load/unload/hand wash )
  •  Tidy up 
  •  Wipe counters
  •  Sweep floors


  • Kitchen : This includes cleaning counters, stove top, microwave and all things you would clean in your kitchen.
  • Mop floors


  • Bathrooms : This includes cleaning toilet, shower, bathtub, wiping mirrors and all things you would clean in your bathroom.
  • Vacuum floors.


  • Bedroom : This includes picking up and cleaning the rooms. All bedrooms but let your kids do what they can. 
  • Dusting : All rooms should be dusted includes wiping walls and baseboards.


  • Living Room : This includes picking up and spot cleaning any furniture. Clean your room like you normally would.
  • Vacuum floors.


  • Dining room : Picking up and cleaning the room. 
  • Any extra laundry or dishes.
  • Any extra cleaning chores you can think of that you would like done.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Do your daily chores and if you prefer you can add any cleaning or picking up you want to. Pretty much its your days off so enjoy.

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