Monday, September 28, 2015

Yorkshire Tea Review

My latest review will be on YORKSHIRE TEA. I've listed some information about the tea and a link to the website. I hope you enjoy my review.


A proper brew. Pure and simple. To give our blend its refreshing flavor, strength and color we use top quality Assam and African teas. In the tea trade we’re renowned for paying more to get the pick of the crop. Our experts travel the world to find the people who grow the best teas, which we then blend together using our secret recipe to create a traditional, satisfying brew.
Available as 40, 80, 160 & 240 tea bags and 250g loose tea from all major supermarkets.

Eight Times Tasted

To ensure you get the best tea possible, we check all the teas that go into the Yorkshire Tea blend at least eight times - from the start of the process, when we're tasting samples from all around the world, to the end, when we brew up samples taken from our production line. That's a lot of cups of tea to taste, but we think it's worth it - all in the name of bringing you a proper brew!

My Review 
Coming from the South I've always been an iced tea girl. I've never really like hot tea so I've never given it a chance. I decided to try this sample and I'm glad I did. This is a classic black tea with a nice aroma and a great taste. It's not dark or bitter tasting at all. I was sure I'd have to have at least one pack of Equal sweetner but to my suprise I didn't use any! Just heated my water and added one teabag for 5 minutes and now I'm enjoying a great cup of tea. I will gladly use this tea on those cold nights when I'm watching my favorite TV shows. I #gotitfree on #swaggable. Hope you enjoy #yorkshiretea.
Disclaimer: I received this product free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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