Monday, January 4, 2016

Shower Bouquet Mesh and Lace 4 Pack Shower Poofs

Shower Bouquet Mesh and Lace 4 Pack Shower Poofs

  • Color Combo 4 pack - yellow, pink, blue, purple 
  • Mesh and Lace for 2 textures in 1
  • Ribbon for easy hang to dry
  • Extra large poof for better suds and exfoliation

I'm more of a body wash/gel type person so I was very happy to review this product. I like the extra large size of these shower poofs. They seem to really hold the body wash and lather well. With the mesh and lace design it makes exfoliation easy to do in the shower and I don't have to use any extra exfoliation products. These poofs have a ribbon handle which makes it easy to hang them to dry. I'm curious to see how long these poofs will last before I have to change them out. I will update at a later time with that info. For more information about these shower poofs please go to this link :
*disclosure* I received this product free/discounted in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. #showerbouquet #tomoson #gotitfree 

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  1. These shower bouquets meshes look awesome. I prefer liquid soap anytime to bar soaps. And, I have had shower meshes that ripped off in just a few days. This seems like a good deal too - you get four and they are easy to hang too.