Monday, August 15, 2016

Gluten Free Breakfast Options

Gluten Free Breakfast Options

With Back to School upon us I thought I'd share some of my go-to favorites for those busy school mornings. My son is Gluten Free and that does tend to make food shopping a little harder but I wanna say thanks to my local grocery stores for expanding and keeping up to date on the latest Gluten Free options.

This first product is from Glutino and its Toaster Pastries. My son loves the blueberry and strawberry flavors. They also have frosted and non-frosted options. Of course we like the frosted ones better. 

The next two products are from Glutino. I use the bagels for jelly or cream cheese. I also like to make a breakfast sandwich with them. My son loves the english muffins with a sausage patty and cheese. 

Glutino makes a breakfast bar that is great for those mornings we wake up late. They come in a variety of flavors. My son likes the blueberry flavor the best.

This next product is the shake and pour pancake mix from Glutino. When I want fresh pancakes I use this brand. They taste good with a little butter and syrup too. 

Udi's makes a line of sandwich bread which I like to use for toast. My son likes it when I put a sausage patty and cheese on his morning sandwich.

This next product is from Udi's as well. It is nice to be able to get up and pop a cinnamon roll in the microwave. My son would rather have this for breakfast anyways. 

Aldi's has a gluten free brand named liveGfree and it's been a great brand. My son loves the blueberry pancakes and I like being able to warm them up in the microwave. Another treat when we are running late in the mornings.

And of course you can't have a breakfast without mentioning waffles. Van's makes a really tasty blueberry waffle. Just pop them in the toaster and your breakfast is ready. A little butter and syrup makes them tasty too. 

Thanks for reading about my fast and easy breakfast options. I like to send my son to school with a good breakfast so he can enjoy school without being hungry. He just likes the tasty food. 


  1. We aren't on any gluten-free diet. I do love how all of these foods look really delicious. I am interested in trying the toaster pastries myself!

    1. The toaster pastries are really good!

  2. I'm not about the gluten-free lifestyle; I really have no need to be. So, I typically don't look at foods that are dubbed "gluten-free". But, I've got to admit that those toaster pastries and cinnamon rolls look absolutely delicious. Even the waffles...well, okay it all does, honestly. Are all these foods/brands at Aldi? I'd be curious and definitely interested in trying the toaster pastries - I currently eat pop tarts, although not often, but these would probably be 10x healthier.